Fit 4 Life NYC is committed to filling the activity gaps that exist in a child's life by introducing them to traditional and non-traditional sports, dance, martial arts and fitness programs. 

   Our programs utilize our signature Play with a Purpose model which focuses on encouraging constant movement, developing physical competence, boosting self-esteem and promoting a lifetime of activity!



Physical Education – We provide focused, well-structured programming that gets all students moving. Welcome to the new normal for PE classes!

After School – We specialize in enhancing your existing program or helping you build an after school program from scratch. Choose from any of our sports, fitness, dance or martial arts classes or offer a full-fledged after school program that includes homework help. School supported and fee-based options available.

Structured Recess – The playground can be a prime area for bullying and inactivity to take place. Our Recess Specialists will run activities that are organized, all-inclusive and fun.

Field Days & Fitness Events – Every child should have the opportunity to participate in the end of school year Field Day experience. Leave it to us and we’ll take care of everything from the staffing to logistics to a school theme.

Sports & Dance Summer Camps – Our summer camps offer the perfect balance to your academic based summer school program. Not only will your students have an outlet for their energy but studies show that increased activity levels help improve academic performance.

Fitness & Wellness classes for Teachers, Non-Profit Professionals and Parents – Students can’t have all the fun. Our classes offer a mix of stress reduction, fun and empowerment. Choose from Teacher Boot Camp, Teacher Recess, Yoga, Kickboxing and more.


One of the top reasons schools and organizations enjoy working with us is that we make your workday easier. Here’s how:

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