Youth workers and educators play an integral role in the physical, emotional, and psychological development of every child. Fit 4 Life NYC is committed to empowering our community with the most effective and up-to-date tools in youth fitness and health.

In addition to fitness and nutrition workshops, we offer workshops on the principles of team building, workplace professionalism, conflict resolution, and many other topics.

Here are workshops we offer on a regular basis:

Play with a Purpose: Fitness Activities for All Ages & Spaces

Using our Play with a Purpose model, you will learn the latest techniques on how to keep children moving while having fun. Learn how to design lesson plans for different age groups, how to work with space limitations, how to keep children active with little or no equipment and how to manage challenging behaviors.

After School Eating Made Easy

The right foods can affect a child's mood, focus and energy during the day. By serving the right meals and snacks the children in your program will see improvements in academic performance, less behavioral issues and a reduction of chronic diseases.  Our After School Eating Made Easy workshops are designed to help non-profit professionals and educators know how to make informed healthy food and snack choices in their program.  This workshop includes guidance on how to apply the new Food Guide Pyramid and how to shop for healthy, realistic, budget-friendly snack foods for children. We will also teach you easy nutrition activities that will get kids excited about trying new foods. Workshops for parents and children are also provided.

Creating a Comprehensive Fitness and Nutrition After School Program

This workshop is specifically designed for supervisors, directors, administrators and executive level staff. You will learn all the tools you need to start up and lead an effective youth fitness and nutrition program. You will also learn how to balance and incorporate fitness and good nutrition into a busy school day or after school schedule.

Professionalism in the Workplace

This workshop is designed specifically for employees who are new to your organization, need a refresher on the keys to professionalism, or for individuals facing disciplinary action. Participants will learn how to succeed in the workplace through the use of role-play, self-awareness exercises, and career exploration.

Problem Solving and Conflict Management

This workshop teaches the basic techniques and principles of conflict resolution. Participants will explore real-world workplace challenges, develop team-building strategies to improve workplace culture, and learn how to communicate effectively with co-workers, supervisors, parents and youth.

Training the Trainers

This workshop is great for anyone interested in becoming a workshop facilitator. You will learn how to structure and organize a workshop, how to connect with your audience and most importantly how to leave a lasting impression.

Team Building

Successful schools and organizations operate on a balance of high staff morale, effective communication, and teamwork. Through team-based activities, participants will be guided to new heights as a community while breaking down barriers and building relationships. Your team will be inspired to view challenges and failures as opportunities for growth and learning.

Effective Communication Skills

In this workshop you will learn the most important techniques for communicating and listening effectively. Understanding communication can make it easy to defuse situations without anger and yelling.

Job Readiness

Perfect for anyone new to the workforce. You will learn how to assess your strengths, hone your skills and balance short-term goals with long-term career planning.

Organizational Survival Skills

The stacks of incomplete work, books, and scattered post-it notes can seem overwhelming. Disorganization hinders work performance and creates feelings of stress and anxiety. By learning to organize your workspace, you can reach better levels of performance. This course will identify techniques for organizing your workspace and managing your time.

How to Run Effective Meetings

This workshop is specifically designed for new supervisors. Properly run meetings save time, increase motivation and productivity, and solve problems. You will learn how to manage teams, hold effective meetings, and achieve your objectives more quickly, and with less effort and cost.

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