"Fit4LifeNYC has been a great component of our overall instructional program at Central Queens Academy.  Our Fit4LifeNYC Physical Education teacher and the rest of the Fit4LifeNYC staff have taken the time to get to know our students and school culture in order to better serve our school needs.  The organization enters each school context seeking to build a true relationship and make themselves accessible and helpful in the implementation of their programs.   "

- Jesse Tang, Principal, Central Queens Academy

"Fit4LifeNYC strives to join the school community and further to contribute to the  community in a positive and cohesive manner.  At all times, the organization respects systems that are already in place at the school.  Fit4LifeNYC is an ideal partner. "

- Janna Genzlinger, Dean of Students, Brooklyn Ascend Charter School

"Since the Fit4LifeNYC - Beginning with Children Charter School partnership was created, they have become a valued member of our family.  The challenging, yet fun programming that Fit4LifeNYC uses, continues to teach our scholars leadership and teamwork skills while enjoying physical fitness.  We are proud to have Fit4LifeNYC a part of our school and look forward to working with them in the future."

- Les King, Principal, Beginning with Children Charter School

"Fit4Life has excellent instructors who balance the need for fun with safety. This is a great program that is easy to work with and very well run. We had a great experience last year and want to continue!"

- Russ Graney, Afterschool Director, Leadership Prep Bedford Stuyvesant Charter School

"Fit4LifeKids is a reliable, high-quality organization offering engaging physical fitness programming for our scholars. I like how the program is tailored to our school's needs and culture. Our students are all eager to attend Enrichment classes!"

- Jessica Wagner, Special Projects Coordinator, Bedford Stuyvesant Collegiate Charter School

"We have been thoroughly and consistently impressed by both the quality of the instructors and how the program has been received by our scholars and their families"

- Jamie Truman, Director of Operations, La Cima Charter School

"There is a very high demand from our families for their kids to be in physical activities. The emphasis of Fit4LifeKids on non-competitive play and good sportsmanship is a great match for our school. We love that our kids get to play and have fun and then also be reflective about what they're doing. Our students seem to really enjoy the class."

- Nicole-Nzinga Darden, Extended Day Coordinator, Community Roots School

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